He owes me money

By Drum Digital
06 March 2014

Talking to him is better than legal action.

Sit him down and have a serious talk about the situation. Be clear about your debts and remind him of your agreement that he would pay you back once he was earning more money.

Talking to him is better than legal action if you hope to resolve the matter and continue with the relationship.

As it is, he seems to have cooled towards you, which I am sure is adding to your worries. So, first things first.

Give him a chance to repay his debts or suggest that you go for debt counselling together so that you can work out a way of improving the situation.

If you don’t make a plan soon you run the risk of getting a bad credit record, which will have serious implications for you financially.

If your boyfriend is not interested in coming to the party it should be an indication to you that your relationship is on the brink of collapse.

If you don’t have any written agreements about the loans and repayment of the debt, it will be hard to hold him accountable – if you only have a verbal agreement, with no witnesses, how are you going to prove it?

Speak to a legal adviser at the Legal Aid Clinic in Polokwane (015-291-2429) and then go for debt counselling on your own.

-Sis Dolly

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