Head-wraps are back

By Drum Digital
26 March 2015

Make wrapping your head scarf easy.

Head wraps give you different looks depending on how you wrap it. Make the wrapping process easy.

Luckily now some wraps come ready made from the shop, but to customised, you can always wrap it yourself.

Head band it

You can hold your hair back by using a scarf.

Bun it

Pulling the scarf tightly back and using the hanging remains to make a bun. You can have it on the center, right, left or even if front.

Updo it

Have the scarf wrapped around like most African women do. Maybe leave a bit of hair out in the front to make edgier.

Ribbon it

You wrap the scarf around your real hair bun, you can cover the rest of the bun or let your bun show.

NB: Use pins and safety pins where necessary.

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