Heart eater back in court today

By Drum Digital
17 February 2015

The police psychologist who interviewed the Zimbabwean who ate the heart of a man he killed is expected to be cross-examined in the Western Cape High Court on Tuesday.

On Monday, Major Hayden Knibbs said Andrew Chimboza, 35, posed a high level of risk to society and had little chance of being rehabilitated.

Knibbs came to this conclusion after interviewing Chimboza and looking at his trial transcript. He presented his report to the court to help it impose an appropriate sentence.

He testified that during the interview, Chimboza showed a lack of remorse for killing 62-year-old Mbuyiselo Manona last year, and placed the responsibility on Manona's lover, who was Chimboza's former client.

Chimboza, who moved to Cape Town from Zimbabwe six years ago and ran a window-tinting business, had pleaded guilty to the killing as part of plea agreement.

He stated in his plea explanation that he stabbed Manona to death at the home of a former client last June, after a disagreement. He alleged Manona attacked him with a knife. He retaliated by kicking him in the groin, stabbing him in the neck with a fork and then repeatedly stabbing him in the neck, chest, and abdomen with a knife. A police officer found him eating his Manona's heart.

Manona had apparently accused Chimboza of having sex with his partner.

Knibbs recommended that Chimboza take part in anger and violence management programmes in prison, and have regular psychotherapy sessions.


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