Heavy Easter traffic expected on N3 as motorists return home

By Drum Digital
06 April 2015

High traffic volumes are expected on the N3 toll route between 11:00 and 21:00 on Monday as motorists head back to Gauteng after the Easter weekend.

Monday was expected to be the busiest day for the route and similar traffic conditions could extend to Tuesday, said N3 Toll Concession (N3TC) spokesperson Anita Heyl.

She said normal traffic patterns would likely return on Tuesday evening.

Route patrol teams, emergency medical services and law enforcement officials would be based at emergency satellite stations along the way.

Motorists were advised to pack extra food, water and drinks in case of delays, exercise patience in heavy traffic, keep a safe following distance, make regular stops and keep headlights on to maximise visibility for oncoming traffic.

“All N3TC operations and plazas will function at full capacity to allow for the increased traffic volumes along the route.”

Heavy traffic might put strain on motorists travelling through Van Reenen’s Pass, between the Tugela Plaza and Harrismith.

Heyl advised motorists to avoid overtaking, if at all possible, on the pass and to park as far off the road as possible if experiencing mechanical difficulties.

Motorists could call the toll route hotline on 0800-63-4357 FREE or follow its Twitter account (@N3Route) for updates.



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