Heavy police presence at Nigerian elections

By Drum Digital
11 April 2015

A vote rigging claim has caused a heavy police presence at Port Harcourt in its governor elections

Nigeria's citizens have lined up to cast another important vote, this time it's for the governor position in the country's oil-rich city Port Harcourt.

A heavy police presence has been reported around the streets in order to curb irregularities.

This follows rumours of the presidential elections that took place two weeks ago having being rigged.

The All Progressives Congress which is in control of the state (APC) has accused its opposition the People's Democractic (PDP) of rigging the polls which saw nearly 95% of the state vote in favour of Goodluck Jonathan.

The leader of the protest against the PDP Kingsley Woulodi has alleged that the rigging occurs through the switching of ballot papers and results sheets with fake ones and has called for there to be no election in the area.

Woulodi's demands have not been met as voting has been in progress since this morning.

Port Harcourt is an important gain for both parties as it is one of the seats of the country's economy through the revenue generated from the oil and gas sector.

Source: News24

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