Helping the youth

By Drum Digital
04 June 2013

Sela Emthonjeni is an NGO that recognises the vital role the youth play in the future of South Africa.

They have been working tirelessly to give the youth an opportunity to succeed and kick start their working lives on the best foot possible.

“Sela started on August 9, 2011, on the premise that the majority of Grade 12 learners have difficulty in accessing resources and information on what to do beyond matric,” says Amanda Fononda, a founding member of the organisation. “We saw the gap in knowledge on what to study beyond matric and how to access the information available on such opportunities and started working towards bridging this gap for the youth, both in and out of school”.

Facilitating a number of workshops throughout the year, Sela Emthonjeni trains young people and life orientation teachers in areas vital for success in their working lives. Communication, writing, learning and presentation skills are amongst the key areas of focus of workshops taking place at Sela. The organisation also provides the support that young people need when applying for jobs, tertiary education and bursaries.

Lulamile Maciko is one young person who has benefited from the work that Sela does. “I’m very proud of what I’ve managed to do after my workshops at Sela,” Lulamile says, “They taught me how to communicate and work with people, how to solve problems and how to dress and act appropriately in a work environment. I am now a team leader at a manufacturing company and I got this job after completing one of their workshops.”

Mrs Ndava of Lumko High School in the Eastern Cape has found the workshops to be extremely beneficial for herself and her learners, “The stuff I learnt from Sela was simply outstanding,” she says, “The children have responded very positively and some are applying for jobs as we speak. I can see how the power of a positive attitude that Sela promotes has made my learners more eager to learn and gather information about what they want to do with their lives .”

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