Here’s your best motherhood advice

By Drum Digital
09 May 2014

We asked our inspirational online SuperMoms (that’s you!) to share their best motherhood advice. This is what you had to say.

SuperMoms, we love reading inspirational quotes and equipping ourselves with the best possible info on parenthood, don’t we? But even more than that, we take solace in knowing there’s a community of likeminded mothers standing at the ready to support us, to help answer our questions and to inspire us to be even better mothers every day. That’s why we asked our online community of SuperMoms (that’s you!) to share their best motherhood advice. This is what you had to say:

  • Natalie Marais: “Use your own intuition as a mom.”
  • Stephanie Malan: “Young babies can sleep through a noise. Don’t keep everything completely quiet around them when putting them to sleep. Otherwise you’ll end up with a baby that wakes up even when the phone rings or a hadeda screams.”
  • Charlene Bruyns: “A mom can relax a bit with a lot of things, but respect and good manners are non-negotiable.”
  • Ann Mouton: “Nothing is ever impossible.”
  • Lyndi Degenaar: “Listen to everyone’s advice, but follow your own head.”
  • Kirsty Jooste: “Trust yourself!”
  • Adele Pretorius: “Never stop telling your kids that you love them. And never stop hugging them even when they are grown up. A mom’s hugs give renewed strength and it’s the best medicine for any problem.”
  • Este Albertyn: “Just stay calm.”
  • Denise Edwards Oosthuizen: “Let your yes be your yes and your no stay NO!”
  • Adri Veldman: “Keep your word. If you say something to a child, keep to it and don’t allow things today that won’t be permissable tomorrow. Always remain objective about what your child gets up to and be strong when discipline needs to be applied.”
  • Jolandé Venter: “Just love them; without love I have nothing . . . 1 Cor 13:2.”
  • Carey Leigh Evans: “Sleep when baby sleeps. This works! And it keeps you sane.”
  • Janice Marsh: “Don’t worry about what other people think.”
  • KBliss Moeng: “You are the best mom!”

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