His wife’s diary (1/5)

By Drum Digital
05 August 2015

Thando was shocked when he read Susan’s diary.

Thando found his wife’s diary on the dressing table in their bedroom. The young lawyer had woken up late, after spending half the night pushing through an urgent application to a grumpy judge on behalf of a company Thando represented.

Susan kept a diary which she locked away, safe from Thando’s prying eyes. But today, late for work and in a hurry, she’d forgotten to put it away. Scratching his head, Thando looked at the diary on the dressing table, wondering if he should open it, thinking: why is she so secretive about it? He hoped she wasn’t keeping something from him.

He picked up the leather-bound journal and caught a waft of Susan’s perfume. Newly-weds are not supposed to keep secrets from each other, Thando thought. Open it! A voice in his head commanded him. You’ll be a fool to put it back without reading it.

As he opened the diary and his gaze fell on his wife’s spidery handwriting, Thando’s heart thudded. His palms sweated with anticipation. For once, he would explore Susan’s mind without her permission. He felt guilty about invading his wife’s privacy, but the urge to snoop was too strong. He’d reached the point of no return.

He opened the first page, written a few weeks before their wedding. It began: I have doubts about this relationship. Not sure why I find it difficult to warm to Thando the way I warmed to Mike. I miss him so much . . . Sue’s words tore through Thando. So, this is how his wife, whom he loved very much, felt about him!

She had lingering doubts about him! Was she still in love with Mike? These thoughts hurt Thando badly. For the first time, he realised his marriage was on shaky ground.

To be continued...

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