His wife’s diary (2/5)

By Drum Digital
06 August 2015

Thando was shocked when he read Susan’s diary.

He sat on the edge of the bed, wondering if he’d made a big mistake by marrying his best friend’s ex-girlfriend. Mike had been Thando’s close friend ever since they were six years old. As close as brothers, the pair had attended the same primary and high schools. Mike, the fun and outgoing member of the partnership, was blessed with charm, brains and good looks, and grew up to be an affable young man who was a hit with pretty women. Soon Mike had started dating Susan. But the very first time Thando laid eyes on Susan, who was then Mike’s girlfriend, he’d fallen for her, too. But he’d kept his feelings to himself.

Once, when they were still in high school, Thando’s mother had said, “Mike got all A’s but you got C’s! What’s so special about Mike? I am sure you can do much better than him!” During the following school term, Thando studied hard as if his life depended on it and he did better than Mike! His mother took his school report and showed it to Mike’s mother, boasting, “Look what my son has accomplished. He’s more intelligent than your Mike.” And battle lines were drawn right there.

A stiff competition, encouraged by their overambitious parents, developed between the two friends, creating a rift between them. If Mike bought a new car, Thando was under pressure to do the same. a lawyer, Mike’s mother visited Thando’s mom and said: “Mike is now a doctor. Whenever I’m sick I’ll get free treatment. And last time I checked, doctors earn much more than lawyers . . .”

As Mike and his mother left, Thando’s mother glared at her son and said, “We must win this war. You should study for your Master’s degree. We can’t have people looking down on us!”

To be continued...

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