His wife's diary (3/5)

By Drum Digital
07 August 2015

Thando was shocked when he read Susan’s diary.

And immediately Thando started on his Master’s degree. For a while, the two young men’s friendship came under great strain because of their mothers’ competitiveness, but eventually they both managed to work around it.

When Mike was dating Susan, his mother didn’t waste any time before the boasting began. “Have you ever seen such a beautiful woman as Susan?” Mike’s mother said to Thando’s mom. “She’s so cultured. Mike found wife material. Does Thando even have a girlfriend?” And from that day onwards, Thando’s mother started inviting different girls for lunch after church, hoping that her son would fancy one of them.

“I want you to marry a girl more beautiful than Susan,” she’d said. Thando stood his ground because his heart lay elsewhere. He knew that he’d cooked up a heartbreak for himself by loving his best friend’s girl, but that did not quell his silent passion. “Thando, you’ll find someone to love one day,” Susan said as she rested her head on Mike’s chest. The two lovebirds lay curled up on a sofa – and Thando felt like a third wheel. “Thando wants an angel,” Mike joked. “Who knows? One might just fall from heaven right now.”

They had all laughed about it and Thando resisted the urge to blurt out: “Susan, you’re that angel who fell from the sky and I’m in love with you. It’s just my bad luck Mike saw you first.”

A fewmonths later, Susan and Mike got engaged.“Mike and his mother aren’t wasting any time are they?” Thando’s mother commented. “And you haven’t found a suitable girl yet!” she snapped. “Mom, I’m tired of this childishness,” Thando complained. “I’m my own man. Please stop comparing me with Mike. He leads his life and I lead mine.” “Don’t talk like a loser,” Thando’s mother said. “Don’t you dare stop fighting.”

To be continued...

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