His wife's diary (4/5)

By Drum Digital
07 August 2015

Thando was shocked when he read Susan’s diary.

Thando’s mother knew him too well. She sensed that it hurt him to see Mike do better in the love stakes. But he could not court other girls when he loved Susan.

Then came tragedy. A few weeks after paying ilobolo, Mike died in a car accident. Thando was devastated and regretted all the petty jealousies he’d entertained. The inconsolable Susan turned to him for comfort.

Now, a year and a half later, as Thando held Susan’s diary in his hand, he wondered if he’d taken advantage of Susan’s grief and caught her on the rebound. He asked himself if he should have given her the space to grieve before he proposed. The diary entries showed a woman who felt unsure about her marriage.

Flipping through the diary’s pages he got to an entry written on their honeymoon: If this is supposed to be the happiest day of my life, why am I so sad? Part of me is happy of course. Thando makes me laugh and tries to make me happy, but thoughts of Mike linger like a strong perfume. I can’t shake them off. And this hotel? Why did Thando choose it for our honeymoon? Doesn’t he realise this is the place where Mike and I shared our first kiss? Every corner of this hotel reminds me of Mike. His voice, his infectious laugh and his touch. I desperately miss Mike . . . I cried today, and when Thando asked me what was wrong, I couldn’t tell him the truth. So I lied and said they were tears of joy . . .

“What do you think you’re doing?” Susan had caught him red-handed. Her voice pierced Thando’s ears and brought him back to the present.

To be continued...

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