His wife's diary (5/5)

By Drum Digital
07 August 2015

Thando was shocked when he read Susan’s diary.

“Who gave you permission to read my diary? Give it back to me!” And Susan grabbed the diary from her husband. “How could you invade my privacy like this?” Susan continued.

“You’re still in love with Mike aren’t you?” Thando said. “I’m your husband but your diary is filled with your longing for Mike. “Why did you marry me if you loved him so much?”

“Mike is dead. It’s natural that I miss him,” Susan said. “Our marriage was okay before you read my diary without my permission. The diary helped me to work through my grief without burdening you with disquieting thoughts. Everyone has private thoughts they never share with anyone, and so do I. I wrote that diary months ago – and as you know, feelings change.”

“I apologise for invading your privacy,” said Thando. “But do you still love Mike?”

“Please don’t doubt my love,” Susan said. “I wrote that diary at a difficult time in my life.” She took a current diary from her handbag, saying, “Read today’s entry.”

Thando took the diary and read: I’ve never been so happy in my life. Now that I know him well, my love for Thando grows every day. I sense his love for me deepening, too. No man has ever given me so much love. He’s helped me go through a difficult period in my life, and today I can’t wait to tell him that I’m pregnant. A few months from now we’ll have our own bundle of joy. Life has never been this good!

“Come here,” said Thando, drawing his wife into his arms. “I’m so sorry I read your diary. I shouldn’t have. I know how much I hurt you. But I can’t wait to be a dad. If it’s a boy we’ll call him Mike.”

“You’re forgiven,” Susan whispered.

The End.

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