Holomisa slams ‘nervous, unready’ ANC

By Drum Digital
23 March 2016

UDM leader Bantu Holomisa has lambasted the African National Congress (ANC) for its delay in announcing the date of the local government elections.

By Siyabonga Ngcangisa, Associate Editor

Holomisa said the delay in announcing the date had more to do with the “infighting” taking place within the party’s structures.

It is not usual that in the year of an election, voters are completely in the dark about the date.

And for this, Holomisa, in an interview with DRUM, has accused the ANC of delaying announcing the date to buy time while they “get their house in order”.

“It’s clear that the ANC is not ready for the elections and they are nervous of how their infighting might impact on the results, said the former Transkei military ruler.

He terms “another sign of panic”, a move by the ruling party to appeal the opposition parties’ challenge that all registered voters who do not possess legitimate proof of residential addresses, be rendered ineligible to vote.

It is understood that should opposition parties have their way that would hit the ANC hard on the polls, as voters from informal settlements and rural areas, places believed to be ANC-sympathetic, would not be allowed to vote.

“They are buying all the time in the world. They are simply not ready and would welcome a decision by the Constitutional Court that says ‘people must have addresses to vote’, so they can buy time appealing that,” said Holomisa.

ANC national spokesman Zizi Kodwa in turn, launched a counter-attack on Holomisa, saying he was exposing his ignorance as a Member of Parliament, and was “no longer relevant” in politics.

“The ANC does not set (election) dates. It is government and appointed structures of parliament that do that. Anyway, we’ll win the elections in all the places we’ll be contesting. We are not worried about the UDM because they are not relevant in SA politics, hence Holomisa is the only member whose known, “said a fire-spitting Kodwa, adding that “all is well” within the ANC.

The party has come under heavy spotlight in recent days, following revelations by some of its own members, of the alleged influence yielded by the controversial Gupta family on certain government and cabinet appointments.

The ANC is next month expected to hold its election manifesto at the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, a territory the main opposition, the DA, is frantically eyeing.

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