Home Affairs denies gay couple 'parent registration'

By Drum Digital
13 April 2015

The Department of Home Affairs is ignoring a same-sex couple's privilege to be parents.

The Department of Home Affairs has been accused of failing to recognise same-sex couple's rights in respect of surrogacy.; surrogacy that was governed by the Children's act of 2005 as amended, according to a report by The Times

The provisions for surrogacy came into effect in April 2010.

Stuart Logan and his husband, Niclas Wagner, have been failing to register their son, Neo as their child and them as his parents.

According to the report, their battle began when the couple applied for their son's birth certificate, the certificate came back with one of the parents' name instead of both parents' names. According to the birth certificate the mother is unknown, contradicting the Cape Town High Court order. It is alleged that the officials tried to get the couple to break the law by registering the surrogate as Neo's mother.

DRUM's attempts to contact the Department of Home Affairs failed, the line went unanswered.

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