Home remedies: Stretchmarks (1/10)

By Drum Digital
10 June 2015

A lot of women struggle with stretchmarks.

A lot of women struggle with stretchmarks; whether they are on your stomach, arms, breasts, thighs etc. there are home remedies you can give a try to target and get rid of the stretchmarks.

Apricot Mask to Remove Stretch Marks

Many people use apricot scrub for rapid removal of stretch marks from their skin. Try the that is  mask made from apricot that you have to apply on your stretch marks daily for at least a month or more.

Get these things:

• Apricots- 2-3

• Lukewarm water- enough to wash off your skin having marks.

Do this:

• Cut open the apricots and remove their seeds.

• Crush the fruits to get their paste.

• Apply this apricot paste on your stretch marks.

• Leave for about 15-20 minutes.

• Now wash off with warm water.

• Repeat everyday (you may initially do it twice a day) for a month.

Source: www.rapidhomeremedies.com


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