Home remedies: Stretchmarks (2/10)

By Drum Digital
11 June 2015

Benefits of aloe vera are now very popular among the fans of home remedies.

A lot of women struggle with stretchmarks; whether they are on your stomach, arms, breasts, thighs etc. there are home remedies you can give a try to target and get rid of the stretchmarks.

Aloe Vera to Remove Stretch Marks

This herb has in it the plant collagen which excellently repairs human skin too. Use, as far as possible, the fresh aloe gel taken from the leaves instead of using store bought gel.

Get this:

• Aloe vera leaf

Do this:

• De-thorn the aloe vera leaf and remove its outer skin.

• Take out the sticky gel from the inside of the leaf.

• Apply this fresh aloe gel on your stretch marks.

• Now forget it for two hours.

• Wash off with water after this couple of hours.

Source: www.rapidhomeremedies.com


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