How can I promote my business? An expert answers

By Drum Digital
31 August 2016

Question: How can I promote my business?

Joshua Answers

I don’t know what business you’re engaged in, but the following are some generic ways to promote your business:

Have good quality products and/or services. One of the surest ways to promote your business is through the products and/or services that you sell or offer. The quality might help you get free advertisement from some of your customers through their word-of-mouth referrals.

 Work your networks. Many businesses thrive because of the network of the business owner(s). In business it’s often said that your network is your net worth, because it’s usually the number of people you know who are likely to support you in business. It’s important to build the right network of people that might support you and also help you promote your business.

 Use technology. With the advent of social media and technology in our modern world, it’s possible to make your business known to many people and grow your customer base. For instance, you can create a business website that is regularly stocked with the products and/or services that you sell and their prices. You can blog to promote your business and might also want to use social media platforms such as Facebook.

Donate or sponsor. One of the oldest but most effective ways of promoting your business is through visible sponsorships or donation. Identify a community organisation that you can assist financially, offer your services pro-bono or offer your products to them for free. This will go a long way into putting your name out there.

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