How can I quit the relationship without hurting her?

By Drum Digital
11 March 2014

You no longer in love with your girlfriend and you're trying to end the relationship.

Be honest with her. Explain to her in a gentle way that you care for her but you don’t have the same kind of feelings for her anymore as when you first started going out.

She’ll be devastated, yes, but it’s better to break the news to her now than to string her along with lies and deceit.

Breaking up with your girlfriend is daunting because it has ramifications.

It’s painful for both of you. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it.

There is no easy way to leave a relationship, especially if one party is going to get hurt, but you have to be brave and take the plunge: if it’s over, it’s over.

If it’s too hard to tell her faceto-face, write a letter telling her how you feel and that you need to move on.

Tell her you will always appreciate and value the time you spent together – that way she won’t feel used as well as heartbroken.

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