How divorced people can give great advice

By Drum Digital
10 July 2014

As we heal, we can help others heal. As we learn and grow, we can inspire others to grow as well.

Their experiences can help others

Thoughts on how to choose a spouse, what are red flags in relationships and the topic of decision-making within the context of marriage are situations: they have an idea of what worked and what failed in this department.

"You don’t have to jump in the river to know you will get wet"

Even without personally experiencing an intact, healthy marriage or a lasting relationship, they know that some principles, when applied correctly and within the proper context, work.

Thoughts such as practicing healthy forms of communication, erecting healthy boundaries to protect your relationship, and so on, are concepts they can help others apply to their lives.

 Healthier relationships can be worked on in future

Married couples, single people and recent divorcees can exchange in ideas on how to walk into healthier relationships in the future - using all their mistakes as a point of reference.

Their resilience can inspire others

Growth and development takes time.  Their personal stories can assist others in their journeys as well.


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