How do we move on?: Motlanthe

By Drum Digital
09 December 2013

Kgalema Motlanthe on Monday called on South Africa and the world to consider how his legacy might be carried forward.

Paying tribute to Nelson Mandela as a man of "mythic proportions", Deputy President

Speaking during a special joint sitting of Parliament's two houses, he told MPs that Mandela's dream had not ended with his passing.

"The litmus test, however, is whether the inheritors of his dream, heirs to his vision and adherents to his philosophy, will be able to make his dream, for which he lived, come to pass in the fullness of time.

"After the outpouring of grief, the celebration and reflection on Nelson Mandela's life, we will have to answer the question of how we advance that dream."

Motlanthe also called for an examination of the current world order, and the "numbed" senses of world leaders, who had the power and wealth to banish poverty, but had not done so.

"Why then do the majority of the world's people, the great unwashed, live in abject poverty, when a fair distribution of the world's resources would not even minimise the material comfort of those who wallow in luxury?" he asked.

The world could not claim to follow in Mandela's footsteps with such "shocking levels of poverty living cheek by jowl with fabulously dazzling material riches".

-by Sapa


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