How my life has changed since my baby - DJ Zinhle

By Drum Digital
07 June 2016

"I have been forced to be happier and more present ever since my baby was born. I have also started trying new things," Zinhle said.

DJ Zinhle says her daughter Kairo has really changed her life, and for the better.

Zinhle attributes having Kairo to being the reason why she has conquered some of her fears. Zinhle revealed this in a recent Top Billing interview.

She even went on to explain that she had always had a phobia for balloons and has conquered it because she wants to someday teach her daughter about conquering her fears.

"I have to face my fears because I can't teach her about fear if I haven't faced my fears," Zinhle added.

Source: Top Billing

Pic: DJ Zinhle Instagram

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