How to care for dyed hair

By Drum Digital
13 January 2015

Colour-treated hair is pretty but it isn't always healthy for your locks. Here's how to keep your hair in great shape, even with the dye job.

Protein is important

Protein puts strength back into the hair, so the moisture you put in your hair stays in.


Leave-in conditioners and weekly deep conditioning are essential to fighting moisture loss.

Don’t “DIY” the dye job

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to chemicals. Trust a professional to alter the product according to the needs of your hair.

Be selective when choosing your products

Make sure the products you use are the best match for your hair type. Also, during the winter months it’s better to use deep conditioners and apply hair masks after dye jobs.

Use heat sparingly and protect your hair

Heat is not your friend, be mindful of how often you apply it to your hair and always use heat protectants beforehand.


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