How to care for your scalp

By Drum Digital
22 September 2014

In order to maintain a healthy scalp it is important to understand the functions of the scalp

De clutter

When we put excessive oils on our scalp, it tricks the scalp into thinking that it doesn’t need to produce oil and leads to an under production of sebum.

Dandruff and dryness occur because of this under production and then you would want to put more oils, it becomes a terrible vicious cycle.

The best way to moisturise your scalp is frequent washing and conditioning, this will keep your scalp clutter free and allow it to perspire.

Focus on moisturising your new growth and ends that will provide light moisture for your scalp. Don’t actively go through your scalp coating it in oils.

Don’t scratch

Scratching your tender scalp with your fingernails causes injury to the scalp. An inflamed and injured scalp will not foster growth.

Studies have shown that scratching can cause baldness.

When you feel an itch just give your scalp a tap or a gentle massage with the ball of your fingers.

Eat Healthy

Your hair follicles are supported and nourished by the nutrients in your blood stream. Your hair and nails are the last to receive your body’s nutrients, which means that if you have any nutritional deficiencies that the vitamins and nutrients in your body will go straight to the important places like your heart, kidney and the like and there will no excess left to nourish your scalp. Drink lots of water to provide moisture from within.

Use gentle products

Check shampoos for harsh products like ammonium and sodium lauryl sulphates. These ingredients strip the hair of moisture and leave the scalp feeling dry. Use clarifying shampoos once a month to get rid of build-up and moisturising shampoos for regular hair cleansing. In addition, be sure to thoroughly wash conditioners out of the hair, as conditioner residues clog the pores and can be mistaken for dandruff

Avoid aggressive styling

Beauty is not pain! Overly tight braids, buns and weaves can lead to permanent hair loss through irreparable damage to the hair follicles.

Avoid Extreme heat

Heat from blow-dryers and hooded dryers dry the scalp severely. Direct the blow-dryer heat down the hair shaft and not at your scalp!


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