How to choose the right nanny for your kids

By Drum Digital
22 June 2015

An extra helping hand at home is a must-have for many busy moms and dads. But how do you know the person who’s going to look after your children is the right choice for you and your family?

Here are a few tips.

Decide what you need

Before advertising the position it’s wise to sit down with your partner and children to decide what you expect from a nanny.

Look at these aspects among others:

  • Are the working hours set or would your nanny be able to work longer or unusual hours if there’s a crisis?
  • Should the nanny also cook?
  • Is the nanny expected to help your child with their homework? If so, are they equipped to help explain schoolwork to your child?

Interview candidates

Make a shortlist of applicants and arrange interviews. You’ll be able to get a better idea of the person when you meet them in person.

Prepare questions and ask them about their experience, interests and qualifications. For instance, you could ask them what they would do if there’s a medical crisis, if they know the best way to put a restless baby to sleep or if  they know how to keep active toddlers busy.

If you want and you’re children are up for it, they could also meet the applicant.

Check the person’s references

It’s a good idea to use an agency. They have systems in place to ensure applicants are qualified and reliable. And they’ll search for applicants so you won’t have to.

Get your paperwork in order

Have a contract drawn up in which your expectations and demands are clearly explained. In this way your interests as well as those of the nanny are protected.

Aspects such as leave, expenses, payment for overtime and when and how the conctract may be ended can also be covered.

Have a test run

Instead of just appointing someone for a period of a year or longer, have a test run of a month to see if they work out. Make it clear to the nanny that it’s a rest run and check with your partner and child to see if they’re okay with the agreement.

Trust your instincts

If you feel uncertain about someone, no matter how wonderful their experience and qualifications, it’s better to trust your intuition. Also, listen to your children if they tell you they don’t feel comfortable with the person or don’t get along with them. After all, it’s your children who are in their company, not you.


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