How to clean your hot tools

By Drum Digital
19 December 2014

Here are a few simple ways to clean your hot tools for a few minutes of work each week.

It’s easy to forget to clean our hair tools.

Why is it important to clean our hair tools? Using hair tools that have product build-up on them will have trapped hair, dirt, oil, bacteria, old products and maybe even dust mites.

When you use hair tools that have not been cleaned in a long time, you are re-depositing grease, oils, old products and dead skin cells right back onto your clean scalp and hair.

Here are a few simple ways to clean your hot tools  for a few minutes of work each week.

Hot tools tend to have more product build-up than any other tools that we use.

Try cleaning your hot tools like this:

  • Make sure the device is unplugged and cool to the touch
  • Rub the outside of your hot tool with a clean, damp on the outside.
  • Do the same for inside and around the barrel.
  • Use your old toothbrush or cotton swabs to get the hard to reach spots for product build-up.
  • If you have tough places to clean the product build-up, add nail polish remover, apple cider vinegar or spray-on oven cleaner to your damp cloth.
  • They will break down hardened product.
  • Give your hot tool a final wipe and let air dry on a clean towel.
  • DO NOT use bleach, harsh chemicals, or other detergents to clean your hair tools.
  • DO NOT boil your hair tools. This can cause them to melt or break. This can also minimize their performance when using them for your hair.


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