How to deal with his annoying habits

By Drum Digital
25 September 2014

No matter what quirks your boyfriend, fiance, or husband might have, there are ways of altering that behaviour over time.

Here is an easy-to-follow, three-step action plan that will get you the results you want:

Don’t overreact 

Don’t interpret these small annoyances as your man openly disrespecting you, not loving you, or not loving you enough. These are just bad habits he’s probably had his entire life. They aren’t just going to magically disappear because he’s in a relationship.

Talk about it

Repressing your feelings will only lead to a build-up of emotion that could explode in a way that isn’t healthy for your relationship. Wait for the heat of the moment to pass, and then discuss your grievance.

Analyse your own behaviour and then approach your partner about changing his behaviour while asking what behaviours irritate him in return. Work at changing them together as a couple’s task. This way it seems less like you’re pointing the finger at him, and more like you’re searching for ways to mutually improve your lives together.

Remember the magic in positive reinforcement

Make sure you do not overdo this one, but once you see him changing the annoying things in his behaviour, verbally acknowledge it, then give him a hug and kiss. This should be just enough to motivate him to continue his change for the better.


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