How to look after your baby and yourself

26 March 2014

Actress Pam Andrews is the proud mom of a baby boy but also a busy career woman filming new episodes of Rhythm City almost every day. And if there’s one thing she has learnt over the past two years since the birth of little Cedric Junior (CJ), it’s that motherhood is a juggling act. The journey she’s undertaken has taught her some valuable lessons. Here are her tips for other SuperMoms.

Tip 1 Keep yourself healthy

“I need to keep myself healthy and wellrested,” Pam says. She knows being a new mom and juggling a career takes its toll on you physically and mentally. “If I’m healthy I know I’ll be up to the challenges that every day bring.” She keeps fit by going to the gym at night and she recently became a vegan, avoiding all animal products.

Tip 2 Find a balance

It’s the truth and you must believe it, Pam says. When you have a baby you don’t stop being a person, but you have to balance your social life, friends and family – and also find alone time. “Yes, your social life will change a lot, and maybe it’s the end of your party days, but you can have coffee with friends or dates with your husband or partner.” Pam says she’s especially learnt the importance of family time, which allows family members to bond. But most importantly, spend time alone with yourself, Pam advises. “Whether it’s soaking in the bathtub for half an hour or quietly reading a book when baby is asleep, you need to get in touch with yourself from time to time.”

Tip 3 Be patient

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if babies could understand what moms wanted from them, and the other way around? Relax and be patient, Pam says. “A lot of new moms worry about when their baby will start walking or say their first word. Be patient with your little ones. Just because a baby the same age as yours has started crawling and yours hasn’t doesn’t mean it’s necessarily a bad thing. Children do things at different speeds.” The same principle applies to discipline. “My son is a year and eight months old and when he does something wrong I try to make him understand why it’s wrong. Do it with love. But then two minutes later he might be doing the same thing again. You just have to be patient.”

Tip 4 Get help

It’s okay to ask for help, Pam says. “Don’t try to do everything yourself, you’ll only get frustrated and might end up resenting your child or yourself.” Help can come in many forms – if you can afford to, enlist a nanny, or ask family members to lend a hand.

Tip 5 Spend time alone with your baby

Pam is privileged to have two nannies who help her – one during the day and another at night. This means that like many other career women she has to make time to be alone with her tot. “Sometimes I tell the nanny she may go, then I spend two to three hours alone with my son. We go for walks or go to the park.” Try to do something your child enjoys, she says.

- Londiwe Dlomo

Photo: Twitter

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