How to make the most of your bursary

By Drum Digital
08 August 2014

How to make the most of your bursary

Many matric students are applying for bursaries at this time.If you are privileged enough to be awarded a bursary or a scholarship, you should you make the most of it, says, S`onqoba Maseko (28) who got a bursary from the South African Actuarial Development Programme for four years.

See this week’s Advice page – Choosing a Career – to read about S’onqoba, who works for FirstRand Bank in Sandton, describing what’s needed to become an actuary.

 Here are her tips on making the most of your bursary:

1. Academic achievement needs to be a priority to avoid losing the bursary or scholarship along the way. Keeping the bursary will help you complete a qualification at the end of a long road.

2. Use the link you have to the company or organisation sponsoring your studies to build networks and relationships. Your bursar is likely to be a possible future employer or have relationships with other potential future employers. Grab opportunities to network with both hands.  Always present yourself authentically and positively.

3. Take time to research the working world, potential employers and gain practical exposure through job shadowing or vocational work opportunities.

S’onqoba says, “Remember that a qualification only opens the door. A lot more (character, willingness to learn and people’s skills) is required to keep it open and open further doors.”

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