How to minimize damage while wearing a weave 1/2

By Drum Digital
01 November 2013

Condition! Condition! Condition

It’s crucial that you deep condition your hair before attaching a weave. Leave a conditioner in for 45 minutes to 1 hour with just the plastic cap. Then rinse.

Avoid glue-in weaves.

Cornrows aren’t only for full-weaves and can look just as natural as glue-ins. Small and intricately placed braids can blend in seamlessly with loose natural strands.

If it hurts, get out of there!

Tracks should be sewn in firmly but comfortably. You should not leave the salon in pain. It’s not worth losing your hair.

Add a net.

Attaching a weaving net can relieve some of the tension. You can even have the tracks sewn onto the net instead of your actual hair. This makes getting to your scalp when washing easier and makes weave removal simple.

Wash it.

Part your weave into four quadrants. Create loose knots and secure with clips to reduce tangling. Use a spray bottle with diluted shampoo and diluted conditioner to reduce buildup. Saturate each section then massage product into scalp and hair as you would your natural hair Rinse section by section. Dry scalp and hair thoroughly.

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