How to minimize damage while wearing a weave 2/2

By Drum Digital
02 November 2013

Don’t use product.

Oils, crèmes and hairsprays will weigh down your weave and cause build up which can lead to odors! Aerosol sprays can dry out the strands. If you invest in a quality weave, you won’t need to apply product between washes.

Don’t use heat.

Steer clear of curling and flat irons. Bantu knots or jumbo braids at night can create beautiful curls and waves in the morning. Just lightly finger-comb. The less you manipulate your weave, the less stress you’re applying to your real hair.

Oil your edges and scalp.

Rosemary herb combined with an oil like jojoba or almond can condition hair and stimulate growth. Oil to your scalp and avoid the contact with your weave.

Take a break.

Giving your hair a rest from weaves doesn't necessarily mean your locks have to go from long and curly to cropped and relaxed overnight. To keep up one consistent look even in between weaves, try faux ponies or half-wigs.

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