How to recover from a bad relaxer

By Drum Digital
02 February 2015

Here are some tips on recovering from a bad relaxer.

Your scalp, hairline and growth may be permanently affected by a bad relaxer.

Avoid all chemicals

Your scalp needs time to recuperate with as little stress placed on it as possible. Wait at least eight weeks to come back from any damage resulting from chemicals.

Leave the scabs alone

Picking at the scabs can introduce harmful bacteria and lead to infection, which could result in hair loss. The scabs will eventually go away with cleansing and conditioning.

Avoid hairstyles that will make it worse

Choose styles that place no stress anywhere on your head. You might think braids would be a good option for now, but they aren't, along with any other tight styles. If you need to sport a wig throughout this recovery period, remove it whenever you're not in public so that your scalp can breathe.

Cleanse and condition as usual

Wait until your scalp isn't tender to the touch, but once you can comfortably massage it, resume a regular cleansing and conditioning routine. Stick to creamy shampoos and avoid any drying, high-lather cleansers. Be careful not to scratch your scalp or peel away scabs.


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