How to rekindle the romance after a baby (2/2)

By Drum Digital
23 February 2015

DRUM reader and new mom Inga Hlatshwayo shares how she managed to revive her relationship.

Some ideas on how to remember that you have one another:

Date nights

Make the effort to go out as a couple and remind each other why you fell in love and have chosen to stay in love as well as build on that love

Have time away

Book a getaway at a lodge, some time for each other without the baby can add great value. There are great places you can find that are affordable for Valentine’s Day (and also for the ongoing re-connecting time you will need from time to time)

Appreciate your partner

With the changes in the weight and self-esteem, it would do a world of good to make them feel like they really are the only girl in the world and show them with the little things. Trust me it matters. Get something she will appreciate, do something special for her – and no, you don’t need to break the bank to do this

Acknowledge her achievements

Simple way of showing appreciation, the buying of a card and showing her that she’s one super woman and she’s flawless at the role.

Take turns

Make it a point that you take turns on babysitting. So the mother has her much needed “me time”

Support each other

It takes a partnership approach to raising a baby.

At the end of the day a strong relationship will flourish through any test and tribulations, as long as both people acknowledge each other, their roles in the relationship and being committed to making sure that they succeed, not only in the parenting aspect but with all other areas of the relationship.

Nothing kills passion more than focusing your energy on the baby and doing nothing for each other

The baby was born out of love for each other and that shouldn't be forgotten. You still need to nurture and take care of what produced the baby, which is the two of you

Inga Hlatshwayo is a PR Account Executive

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