How to stay emotionally healthy

By Drum Digital
11 July 2011

While most of us visit our doctor and dentist regularly for check-ups, we don’t give our emotional wellbeing nearly as much attention.

That’s because physical health problems are easy to identify and often cause pain or discomfort that need urgent relief.

However, your emotional wellbeing is a vital part of your overall health. You can’t be truly well if you don’t feel emotionally stable, and emotional distress can seriously affect your body and how it works.

“Emotional pain can manifest physically in the form of headaches, backache, chest pains, a runny tummy and more,” warns Dr Frank Lerumo, a clinical psychologist in Pretoria.

So achieving and maintaining your emotional wellbeing is as vital as taking care of your body.

We asked Dr Lerumo and Dr Piko Jon Yako, a senior clinical psychologist and lecturer in Cape Town, to give us some tips on how to ensure you’re psychologically fit.

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