How to treat split ends

By Drum Digital
14 January 2015

Here are some tips on taking on your hair's split ends.

They're those annoying buggers that affect the growth of your hair and its ability to soak up moisture for optimum health and moisture.  While they can't be banished from your locks forever, they can certainly be trimmed and treated to a bare minimum.  Here are some tips on taking on your hair's split ends:

  • Use relaxers and hair colour with great care Relaxers and hair colour have the potential to cause damage to the hair if applied incorrectly as they are strong chemicals. 
  • Trim your ends Your hair needs to be trimmed regularly to ensure it grows at its best. Ask your stylist what intervals are best for your personal hair type. 
  • Keep your hair moisturised This can be done by deep conditioning the hair regularly and having hot oil treatments.
  • Minimise the use of heat Keep the use of heat to an absolute minimum. Regular use heat tools can cause damage. When you do use heat tools make sure to use a heat protectant to protect the hair. 

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