Hulisani goes back to her roots

By Drum Digital
19 April 2016

Actress Hulisani Ravele has revealed that she is going on journey of self-discovery, well learning more about her Venda culture that is.

“I'm really excited about the next four days of shooting this documentary, the working title of which is 'My Culture, My Conventions'. And to think this is a "school project" but for me it is so much more,” she wrote on an Instagram post.

On it Hulisani indicates that she was approached to do the documentary by AFDA’s third year students. This involves her, a city girl getting more insight into her culture, specifically, the role of Venda women and their rites of passage. To do this, she visited her home in Venda.

“As I'm getting older, getting closer to marriage, getting closer to motherhood, I feel that I don't have enough authentic knowledge about my culture and our practises,” she wrote. The entertainer adds that it is important that she understands the origin of some of the practices in her culture.

“Personally, I understand and respect that balance that one sometimes has to strike between culture and their modern day life.”

We hope she gets to fill the gap she says is in her mind and heart, and certainly can’t wait to see how the documentary turns out.

By Koketso Mashika

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