HUSH admits assault on Minnie Dlamini

By Drum Digital
16 August 2011

MEDIA RELEASE: LeBlerh Artist Management along with the management of HUSH met in the presence of Stephane Cohen, Minnie Dlamini, Melanie Ramjee, Sjula Dlamini, Marvin Cohen and Blessing Cele; in order to discuss the events of Friday 12th August 2011 where Minnie Dlamini was assaulted inside the club.

After much deliberation a resolution was reached. Both parties agree to the fact that Minnie was punched by a patron and the manager. Regarding the manager, HUSH would like to apologise on his behalf and state that it was unintentional and that he was trying to defend Minnie. At no point was Minnie assaulted by the bouncers at HUSH. Both parties agree to the fact that the patron did in fact occupy a table that was reserved for Minnie and her friends. After striking Minnie, the patron did disappear. Minnie left the club immediately after the incident with her friends, Busisiwe Nkuna and Aurelia Nxumalo. Both parties agree that there were no xenophobic undertones in Minnie Dlamini’s tweet directly after the incident as she was merely describing the patron that had fled the scene.

Hush and LeBlerh Artist Management have agreed to work together with the Rosebank Police in apprehending the patron and ensuring that he is brought to justice for striking Minnie Dlamini. Hush apologises to Minnie regarding the incident and ensures patrons that this was a rare incident that they will ensure never happens and that they, in no way, condone violence against women and their patrons in general.

The case for assault remains open at Rosebank Police station.

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