"I am a millionaire" - DJ Cleo

By Drum Digital
25 May 2012

He pauses to run his fingers across the polished veneer of a red bass guitar. Then, as his eyes take in all the instruments on display, he recalls his first guitar, bought for him by his mom.

“My mother supported my passion for music from the start and when I turned 10 she bought me a one-string guitar,” he says nostalgically. “It replaced the one I’d made for myself out of an old tin can.” Looking perfectly at home at Music Connections in Craighall Park, Joburg, DJ Cleo, real name Tlou Cleopas Monyepao, browses the store, clearly tempted to buy more equipment.

He’s bought a guitar here before for a whopping R17 000 and the staff clearly know him well. Cleo (32) is playful and friendly, contrary to his reputation.

He’s perceived by many to be egotistic, with little time for anyone, and his much publicised declaration that he’s a millionaire didn’t help. But it’s not something he loses sleep over.

“I guess a lot of people mistake my confidence for arrogance,” he says. “I simply don’t take nonsense and I speak my mind.” Regarding the millionaire reports, the hitmaker laughs.

“It’s true, there are reports of me being a millionaire but the truth is that I’m worth many millions.” And with his track record, it’s no wonder.


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