I am in a good space: Zolisa Xaluva

By Drum Digital
04 May 2012

The high-pitched whine of revving engines draws aspiring bikers to the Honda Cayenne Dealership in Kyalami, Joburg, like iron filings to a magnet.

There are a host of bikes on display and admiring them intently is none other than Generations’ Zolisa Xaluva, who plays sensitive, gay Jason Malinga on the soapie. “I am slowly warming to the idea of becoming a biker,” he says.

It’s probably not the kind of thing you expect to hear from his on-screen character, but Zolisa (31) reminds us that when he started on the show he was a biker. “You remember when Jason was dating Cleo?” he asks. “She had a bike called Destiny and mine was Jade,” he laughs.

“Seriously, when I was growing up my uncle was a biker but he stopped the day he was involved in an accident soon after dropping me off at home,” he says.

“Bike accidents are scary but I’m a bit of a speed freak so there’s a conflict there.”

He moves over to a bike that catches his eye and strokes its sleek flanks as if caressing a woman. “What a beauty,” he says rapturously.

“Did you know that when I joined Generations it was only supposed to be for eight episodes? And that was six years ago.


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