I am no gold digger: Babalwa Mneno

By Drum Digital
12 July 2012

We meet the lanky model at her salon, Barbiliscious Hair Studio in Rivonia, and she’s the picture of style and glamour from head to toe.

She welcomes us with a glass of bubbly, and her leather jacket accessorised with a Jimmy Choo handbag and Burberry scarf make it clear this lady loves the good life.

It’s exactly this extravagant image and lifestyle that have earned her all sorts of names – gold digger, material girl and pimp.

“Babe, a gold digger only wants money from the guys she’s with and doesn’t care if they love or romance her,” she says candidly.

“She just wants them for what she can get from them. I’m far from being that girl.”

Bored with this topic, Babalwa “Barbz” Mneno (34) steers the conversation towards her appearance in Big Brother Stargame.

Judging from the glow on her face as she talks of her time in the house, it was obviously one of the best experiences of her life.

Evicted at the end of June, she has nothing bad to say about her time on the show. “It’s been a great experience,” says the Strictly Come Dancing Season Two contestant. “I stepped out of my comfort zone, which is a huge deal for me.”

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