I am not sorry - Garankuwa grave digger

By Drum Digital
21 January 2015

When he was arrested he said he was waiting on his mother to instruct him on what to do next with the remains.

After digging up his mother's remains for a ritual and being arrested for them last Friday, Tsietsi Msiza says he is not sorry for doing it. Tsietsi said his mother wanted him to take her body parts. "I am not sorry. She wanted me to take her remains to protect and heal people," he told Sowetan.

Tsietsi said his mother came to him in a dream on January 3 and told him to go dig up her remains. And his exhuming of the body parts was him respecting her wishes. "I took a thigh bone, hair and six teeth as she had instructed. I cleaned the bone with cooking oil to preserve it and I washed the teeth with methylated spirit as they had been damaged," he said.

Tsietsi's mother died in 2010. He will appear for bail application in the Moretele Magistrate's Court on Monday.

Source: Sowetan

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