‘I am ready for my next challenge’ - Soso

By Drum Digital
23 March 2017

I am super stoked about it and looking forward to the challenge- Soso

Soso Rungqu’s role Morongwa on SABC 3 soapie Isidingo has made her one of the top Mzansi actresses to watch and this April she joins the cast of the Ferguson Films hit show Igazi. DRUM caught up with the star to talk about her new role, fame and more

Congrats on Igazi

Thank you so much, I am excited about being on the show.

So who do you play on the show?

I play the role of the Queen Nxabane wife to King Nxabane. It’s different from Morongwa; it’s a more mature role. I am super stoked about it and looking forward to the challenge. I also have a daughter on the show who is a princess.

You sound like you have this life thing on lockdown?

Lol, yes I kind of do right now. I am in a very good space and my craft is growing. I am doing what I love and consistently learning from the people around me. It’s an absolute dream come true.

Fame can sometimes be hard and your rise to the top has been fast, especially being on such a popular show as Isidingo. How do you deal with the fame?

My fame is new-found, so it has definitely changed my life. When I go to places people recognize me and that’s hard to fathom sometimes, but I am grateful because people recognize and love me for my craft.

A lot of young actresses look up to you and love your acting. What is your advice to them?

Respect the principle of timing. Everything happens in the right time. Pray for what you want and God will answer you in good time. It can be next week or next year; the important thing to always remember is that God is always on time.

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