I cannot kill the devil and I have never been to hell- Pastor Mboro

By Molife Kumona
05 July 2017

Pastor Mboro says its all just a smear campaign

Prophet Paseka Motsoeneng, popularly known as Pastor Mboro made headlines a few days ago with claims through various reports that he had been to hell and defeated and killed the devil.

Speaking to DRUM Pastor Mboro opened up about the subject and how he was flabbergasted by the reports. "This is all a ploy by some people to discredit and instill doubts in the Christian faith and in my followers," Pastor Mboro tells DRUM.

Even though he doesn't want to get into full detail Pastor Mboro says he knows the people behind the fake news and its all a smear campaign against him. "There are particular people, another prophet outside the country who has had their people in charge of these campaigns to discredit me. It's very disheartening that such type of behavior is coming from people who also consider themselves believers. I am in the process of suing those people as we speak."

On the subject of going to hell and killing the devil Pastor Mboro is straight forward in his statement. "I have never been to heaven or hell and comeback, no man can do that. No one can go into heaven or hell as and when they please. I have never said that or even said I have pictures from heaven. If there is evidence that I have said those things and have those pictures please can someone come through and show it," Pastor Mboro says.

Pastor Mboro says that he is not even a social media person and the Facebook Page that had those reports was not even his.

"I am not a social media person and would never say such things.  I cannot kill the devil, that is Jesus's job as it says in the scriptures that he will come and throw the devil into a lake of fire."

Pastor Mboro who says he is still perturbed as to why one church would want to destroy another says that as much as he is unhappy and broken by the reports he will continue in the works of the lord.

"All this is about jealousy but I won't let it deter me. Churches and church leaders need to understand that we don't have to compete there are enough people for us all to minister to," Pastor Mboro adds

DRUM would like to apologize to Pastor Mboro for not getting his comment when we initially ran the story about him going to hell and we appreciate that he gave us  his time to rectify the matter and set the record straight.

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