"I can’t teach her how to love herself if I don’t practice self love too" - Pearl Thusi

By Drum Digital
03 February 2017

After watching a movie called "Bad Moms", Pearl took some time to reflect

The first question she raised after watching the movie was; "was the movie that great?" and her answer was; "for a mom - I was touched, so yes. And as someone who’s lost a Mother, yes."

The actress and radio DJ said that "many things were re-affirmed" for her, not only as a mother, but she thought so much of her own mom and was "reminded yet again about how hard it must have been for her."

"How much I miss her - and how I wish I got to know her better," Pearl said.

"Mothers have to deal with so much guilt…Moms have to deal with a lot," she added that "Moms are socially measured against the highest standards both physically and psychologically," where as "people measure fathers against the worst and lowest standards" she said, stating that "it’s almost socially accepted for dads to screw up."

The media personality went on to add that "one of the best lessons I taught myself as a mom, was to put myself first," she compared it to same way airplane safety instructions require you to put your own oxygen mask on first and then on your child/children, her point being; "I can’t help or save her if I can’t help or save myself."

"I can’t teach her how to love herself if I don’t practice self love too… Sure our kids also learn from other people and elements around them but I also want to be the best I can be."

At this point Pearl made a confession, stating that; "I work so hard because I want to make sure my daughter never looks at Beyoncé and thinks, “I wish that was my mom”. It’s not fair on either one of us though, I mean, even I envy Blue’s life, she gets to be annoyed with Beyoncé on red carpets and Beyoncé is still obsessed with her- levels."

She added that she can be pretty petty on a bad day; " I’m so petty that, on a bad day, I even look at Oprah’s dogs’ lives and feel like I lost the lottery. On a serious note though, I just pray that even when my daughter turns 16 and decides she hates me and thinks I’m not cool anymore"

"I’ll be confident that I did my best and her sporadic teen hormones won’t affect my self esteem," Pearl said.

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