'I cant wait to be a dad'

By Drum Digital
21 June 2010

MENTION the word DJ and many things come to mind: womanising, late night parties, flashy cars, bling . . . Yet for one guy all that matters is the music – and going home to the beautiful young woman who has agreed to marry him.

The cherry on top of popular DJ Giggs Superstar’s domestic bliss is the recent discovery that his fiancée, Sheree O’Brien, is expecting their first child.

He’s the happiest man alive, he tells us as he welcomes us into his small but plush two-bedroom home in Ormonde, south of Joburg.

“Becoming a father is every man’s dream,” he says, his face split in a wide grin.

It’s Saturday and Giggs is enjoying a rare afternoon off. His weekends are usually hectic, with him touring all over the country and treating the club-going masses to his expertise on the 1s and 2s but he’s going to tone things down from now on, he says. The new addition to the family is more important.

“We’re actually looking around for a bigger place now,” Sheree says excitedly.

The attractive 27-year-old, who is head of artistic development at Soul Candi Records, the label Giggs (29) belongs to, is six months pregnant. She didn’t realise she was expecting for five months, she confesses.

“I was gaining a lot of weight so I decided to go see the doctor at the end of May. I initially thought there might be a problem with my ovaries but it turned out I was pregnant.”

After the initial shock she was delighted although “Giggs is more excited than me,” she adds.

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