‘I could have helped Lundi’ – Prophet Mboro

By Qhama Dayile
03 February 2017

“Anele and some woman named Thobeka just wanted to make money out of Lundi, they never cared. They deprived Lundi of receiving the best healthcare,” Mboro says angrily

Before the death of gospel sensation Lundi Tyamara, Prophet Paseka “Mboro” Motsoeneng of Incredible Happenings Church, had generously offered to move Lundi from Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital to a private hospital where he felt he would receive better healthcare.

“I visited Lundi at the hospital and I spoke to his manager, Anele  Hlazo, telling him that I would put down a deposit of R100 000 at a private hospital and Anele said he would consult with the family and get back to me.  I then phoned him a number of times and he never gave me the go-ahead,” Mboro explains.

He says he could not have stopped Lundi’s death if it was his time, but he could have helped him get better care.


The controversial pastor said he was also never informed about Lundi being ill, he read it in the newspapers and when he saw the picture of a frail Lundi, he rushed to the hospital.


“No one was allowed to come into the ward but bacause Lundi knew it was me, they allowed me to see him,” he says.

He adds that he prayed for the ailing singer and saw the high level of faith in Lundi’s eyes.  “Lundi was very excited to see me. When I prayed for him, he became motivated."

“Anele said Lundi did not want people to feel sorry for him and to be seen by people who were going to make a spectable out of him, so he insisted some people stay away but it seems the people he (Lundi) trusted are the ones who let him down. Lundi did not deserve to suffer. Anele and Thobeka did no not have his best interests at heart.”

Mboro claims he has helped non-celebrities before and offering his help to foot the hospital bill for Lundi was never about fame and publicity.

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