"I don't know if I should kill myself"- Chilli M

By Drum Digital
29 November 2016

He had a relapse and went back to feeling depressed and became dependent on alcohol again

Speaking to the  Sowetan newspaper recently, Chilli M told the paper that he’s "drinking again" because he doesn't know what else to do any more. .

As a result, Chilli M added, he's not sure whether to continue living or "if I should kill myself". Life’s been tough for the radio DJ. Late last year Chilli lost his daughter in a car accident and earlier this year he was fired from Ukhozi FM. July reports circulated that he accepted "certain enticements" in exchange for playlisting music.

"This year has been bad to me, things just got from bad to worse," Chilli M said.

Not too long ago he told the listeners on his show that "the doctor told me with certainty that 80% of my liver had been affected. There is an eight-year waiting period before one can get a liver transplant. It’s such a sad case. My liver does not function normally anymore," he was quoted as saying in  the Sunday World .

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