I Don't Movement

By Drum Digital
24 February 2012

Talk show host Penny Lebyane, actress Thuli Thabethe and Nonkuleko Ndlovu have joined forces to create the I Don’t Movement.

A film which seeks to change and delve into the domestic violence debate, looking far beyond how it affects women.

The film questions society’s perception and how it deals with domestic violence.The film does this without portraying any abject poverty, class or diseases but subliminal violence.

“We need to look at this debate at another level. The issues of domestic violence are deeper than the beating,” said Penny adding that we talk about this issue superficially, in a language many have not finesse grasp of and we not looking at the root cause.

Talking about the movie Nonku as she is affectionately called, said the solution to domestic violence lies with both men and women as the issue involves them.

Talking from first hand domestic violence experience she said, “I’ve turned my pain into purpose.” And that purpose can be seen through her film and movement which is to help other people and the whole of society to “find their wings.”

“I took much longer than my character to find my wings but I want other people to find theirs faster,” passionately said.

The movie will be premiered on February 29 at Monte Casino and according to Gauteng Film Commission’s Industry Support and Development Project Manager Desmond Mthembu it will go straight to DVD.

This is because the traditional cinema distribution channel is not very adequate for South Africa.

It’s also going to be distributed in Nigeria and other parts of the continent.


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