“I don’t regret being famous” - Brickz

By Mathawe Matsapola
02 December 2016

Controversial kwaito star Bickz of ‘sweety my baby’ fame says he does “regret being famous” and if he had to choose a career again he will still be a musician

Controversial kwaito star Brickz of Sweety My Baby fame says he does not “regret being famous” and  if he had to choose a career again he would still still be a musician

Opening up on Unscripted, Brickz, born Sipho Ndlovu, says he has learned not to burn his bridges as the industry is very small. He says that  people can say whatever they want to say about him, “but I trust the talent God gave me.

I have left all the negatives behind me and all I want is to move forward and I will not let anyone drag me backwards”.

Addressing rumours of being broke, Brickz says, “I have never said I was rich or down and out. Kenny Kunene is the one who publicly said he was rich”.

Watch the interview here.

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