I don’t satisfy her

By Drum Digital
09 November 2015

I’m 32 and my wife is 27. We have three boys, aged eight months, six and 11. I need help because I feel I don’t satisfy my wife any more, especially in the bedroom.


Sis Dolly answers:

Do you feel you don’t satisfy her or has she told you that you don’t? The person you need to have the conversation with is your wife. The approach is also simple: go to her and say: “I feel I don’t satisfy you anymore. What do you need from me and how can I give that to you?”

Remember, she’s the mother of three children. That in its own is quite exhausting. It could just be that you’re not helping and supporting her enough with other aspects of your lives together, and that you don’t satisfy her in that way. Ask her how you can better support her in your partnership. Talk about what you’d both ideally need to be happier, more energised and to have a more fulfilling union.

My wish is that she truly appreciates your concern and that gives you an honest answer, so you can work together to have a more satisfying, loving relationship.

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