“I had to learn to love myself again”-Naima Kay

By Qhama Dayile
01 December 2016

“I’ve lost so many people in my life."

She lost both her parents after short illnesses, and her stepmother died recently from breast cancer. The Port Shepstone-born singer also admits that she’s had a series of failed relationships.

Naima Kay revealed to DRUM that the hardships she’s been through made her question if love really exists.

“I’ve lost so many people in my life. I’ve also been in relationships where the love died and I had to try and love myself,” Naima says.

The Ngiyavuma hit singer says she has now decided to share her experiences in her third album, aptly titled ‘All about love.’

“I want this album to give people hope. I want those who have been hurt like myself to never stop loving.” She added.

She hasn’t given up the search. Naima says that though she is currently single and dreams of one day finding the one, until then she will write the best songs she can and continue to sing from the heart.

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